Xin Feng I Don't Want To Defy The Heavens
I have became a rich young master so I definitely have to enjoy life! Cultivation? So impractical. I just have to add stat points!
GoodHunter Bloodborne
What if you hear about a place where men could reach immortality? What if you're a man with nothing to lose? Only one last chance at getting your life back? Surgit, desperate to find a cure for his mortal disease, sets sail towards the fabled city of Yharnam. The city of healing and miracles. The city of Legends...
dff123 Darkness Rising- Horror Stories
Those who are scared easily, should not read this series of short horror stories. Each chapter is the beginning of a new story.
Byakouko The Dao of Evolution
Follow the journey of our main character and his somewhat unique companion as they venture through the brutal world of cultivation.

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